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If you’re an experienced manager in financial services, you would agree that we have plunged into an immense skills vacuum in the last 20 years – as training departments became compliance departments obsessed with liability. The facts are that our industry has been negligent in teaching financial advisors how to MARKET themselves.  Most of your teams could literally double their production in the short term if they could just get in front of twice as many prospective “right” clients every month. Unfortunately, many of the traditional programs fail to deliver this solution for three reasons:

  • Most of the sales/marketing programs on offer are taught by people without any personal experience of having produced a high level of personal income themselves.
  • Many courses focus on the WHAT instead of the WHY and HOW – leaving attendees short-changed on the practical step-by-step, plug-and-play tools required to guarantee attendee success beyond the cozy walls of the classroom.
  • Too many programs are crammed into 2-3 days. You cannot create sustained behaviour change without longer-term re-enforcement and spaced modular delivery.

Powerful scripts. Actual communication tools. Techniques. Strategies. Prospecting & Referral systems. It’s all here – delivered in a show-stopping, idea-every-minute delivery that draws audiences to the edge of their seat from opening remarks and never lets up until final applause.
We are a generation of master salespeople - but are we brilliant business people? The month-to-month treadmill of finding, closing and retaining clients too often leads to burnout and ultimately traps most financial advisors in an existence from which they battle to escape, switch off and maximize their lifestyle away from work. Even amongst the ranks of the MEGA producers, our industry is littered with an alarming display of unfulfilled potential, diminished health and declining client-facing opportunity. Simply put- it is getting harder and harder to make an above-average living, ironically in the midst of the greatest time of abundance in the history of financial services.
The real hidden impact of industry regulation has been a "slowing down" of an entire generation of financial advisors who have forgotten how to be entrepreneurs. Desk-bound and increasingly strangled by compliance issues, many advisors appear to have forgotten that 80% of our non-consulting time has to be spent in new client acquisition. Never in history have so few advisors had the opportunity to counsel so many confused clients and get referred into more key relationships,  continuing the process in perpetuity. Any advisor or company not enjoying explosive growth in both client-building and revenues has DO something differently – instead of just TALKING about it.
In his humorous, practical and action-packed sessions, Anthony leads attendees on a roller-coaster ride of the exact “How To’s” of 21st century client-building and differentiation. Deliver him to an audience with minds open to fresh thinking and watch them leave armed with the weaponry to win today’s business-building battle – being fought in a crowded marketplace at lightning-fast speed. Not one for light-hearted puffery or empty inspiration, Anthony invites you to confront the tomorrow’s challenge with the tools and opportunities that already exist in your office, market place and on your computer.
Using several of the exact approaches on offer in this session, thousands of Anthony’s speaking and coaching clients across the globe have achieved spectacular increases in revenue and sustained practice-building. Attendee learn what to SAY and SEND to clients and prospects, WHEN to do so and HOW to unleash a torrent of new business in the months following his sessions.
His practical seminars detail the exact step-by-step approaches required to boost activity momentum and revenue results through working systems & structures which have proven their value in doubling, trebling and often quadrupling production amongst dozens of Anthony’s client companies over the past 20 years.

If your advisors have been in the profession for 20 years, they will learn how to commence effective succession planning and dramatically improve their chances of profitably exiting their business. Advisors in the industry for less than 2 years will walk away equipped with critical strategies to guarantee a smooth transition from Rookie to Superstar – using techniques never shared with them before in their initial training.

As a bonus, Anthony is also available to work with your management team on the issues of recruitment and retention when he visits with your next audience.

Leader's Feedback

"Anthony's message and delivery is hot property in these tough times. Agents and advisors need real TOOLS to boost their income and client-building. Strap yourself in for a brilliantly-timed, idea-a-minute program - delivered with maximum passion and punching impact. His global speaking and coaching experience bring crucial perspective to every audience as our industry re-defines itself"

Tom Hegna
International Keynote Speaker

"If you're in the financial services business, then you know how challenging it can be to come up with creative prospecting techniques that generate qualified leads. Similarly, once you've landed the appointment, you need innovative concepts and language to connect with clients and differentiate yourself from the rest of the industry. Anthony Morris is a POWERFUL speaker who shares transformational sales ideas in practical, bite-sized pieces. Your audience members with leave with an entire notebook full of game changers. I heartily endorse him for your practice!!"

Joseph Jordan
International Keynote Speaker

"If you want a powerful speaker who will pour some "rocket-fuel" into your practice, put him on your program. His creative marketing ideas and ability to deliver sets him apart. Advisors need the HOW behind client-building, not just the WHAT. They want to move past inspiration to application. Anthony's step-by-step process and tools are among the best you will find anywhere. Book him today!"

Guy Baker
2010 MDRT President

"I have shared the platform with Anthony Morris numerous times over the past 10 years. Every time I come away with a page of fresh, unique concepts to help my business. His passion and practical ideas know no bounds. Audiences have always been WOWED by his high-energy, humorous style and plug-and-play strategies in the areas of prospecting and client-building. Book him today for a show-stopping experience - your audience will be delighted you did."

Phil Harriman
2006 MDRT President

" As Lead Architect of the Hoopis Performance Network, I am not easily WOWED by just any speaker. Anthony Morris is truly one-of-a-kind in sharing unique sales and client-finding strategies - few of which you've "heard before". His high-voltage emotional vocabulary and clever engagement techniques will drive your prospecting momentum and referral flow. HPN is proud to count him among our stable of premium presenters."

Joey Davenport
Hoopis Performance Network

"After our Las Vegas meeting we decided you should be put on a pedestal, the only problem is that there isn't one high enough. As our surveys come in, in a ranking from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, you got mostly 6's... talk about a grand slam home run in the bottom of the ninth with two out and a three/two count!"

Jim Lehmann
Senior Vice President, Partners Advantage Insurance Services

"I toured Australia with Anthony on an MDRT road show. I was astounded at the sheer volume of top-shelf, immediately-transferable sales and prospecting ideas he was able to pack into his high-energy session. He made the MDRT brand proud and I would recommend him without hesitation to any event planner looking to lift their audience to their feet and have them rushing out the door to use what he teaches. Powerful stuff!"

Brian Ashe
2000 MDRT President

"..an excellent communicator. Really "gets" the industry - the ideas are both creative and practical...allowing advisors to readily incorporate them into their business."

Jim Rogers
2008 MDRT President

"Take 1/4 Tony Robbins. Stir in a spoonful of Larry Wingett. Top up with some Dalai Lama. Garnish with bits of Robin Williams, Billy Connolly and David Letterman. Stir strongly and consume - and watch your outlook and income soar! "

Gabe Smith Past National YAT Chairman NAIFA USA

"I wanted to let you know that you absolutely crushed it at the New Orleans Sales Caravan. I have had a tremendous amount of very positive and enthusiastic feedback from my team - I don't think I've seen a group leave a Sales Caravan as energized as they were last week."

Jason King, LUTCF
Agency Sales Director

Metairie, LA

"In my 15 years planning meetings for NAIFA Louisiana, this is one of the BEST speakers that we ever brought to Louisiana. His presentation is amazing - very dynamic, informative, educational and funny. Perfect for any speaker selection committee. And when we had him speak, we got the BEST ratings ever. And that, I believe, speaks for itself."

Shannon Kuetemeyer Robertson, CAE, M.S.,
Executive Director
NAIFA Louisiana

"Anthony Morris simply blew our Sales Caravan audience away with the sheer volume of clever, practical prospecting concepts. This speaker delivers maximum value in his high-energy style. I felt like I had been sitting on the runway behind a jet that was taking off, shooting out one outstanding idea after another during our 2 hour session. Book him today for your next event without delay and buckle up for a spectacular system of strategies to boost your income to the next level. It was easy to convert these ideas to real dollars for me and my clients."

Robert J. Bohne
New York Life, Chairmans Council Agent
Chairman of the 2012 NAIFA Louisiana Sales Caravan

"As President of NAIFA Louisiana and a 17 year New York Life agent, I have been privileged to hear many incredible speakers. However none have done as much for me as the time spent with Anthony in Jan 2012 at our annual sales caravan. Anthony will take you on a spectacular journey through unique marketing, prospecting and client-building ideas - delivered with brilliant humour and punching impact. His passion is infectious and I cannot imagine an agent, manager or financial advisor who wouldn't be deeply moved into higher action by their attendance at his session. The ideas are so revolutionary and simple that everyone can learn something that they can implement immediately and have a measureable result."

Daryl Elis
President, NAIFA Louisiana
New York Life Agent

"Anthony Morris is not only entertaining, his message is crucial for our industry! We must embrace innovative and unique strategies to grow our business in these turbulent times. Anthony has developed and packaged them all - into a step-by-step, plug-and-play SYSTEM. Every NAIFA state organization and local chapter should have him speak, giving our members (especially new members) the opportunity to engage in a transferrable system that will increase their chances of success within hours of listening to his powerful message. Industry managers, Morris is the mentor you have been searching for! I suggest you get him on your team."

Scott Weinstein, LUTCF, FSS
President NAIFA DuPage

"Anthony Morris brings a significant level of creativity to the marketplace in terms of sales concepts, ideas, communication, and effectiveness. If you are looking for an individual to stimulate your sales team with not only visionary but practical day-to-day ideas that can be infused and implemented immediately in the sales strategies of your associates, then Anthony Morris is your speaker."

Bruce W Etherington BA,CLU,CFP,CHFC Veteran of 16 MDRT Annual Meeting Platforms

"...knows the business inside out. If you put his advice into practice you will improve your productivity & your profit."

Tony Gordon
2001 MDRT President

"Your presentation today was really terrific! One of the best I have ever heard and I’ve heard ‘em all! I’ve been a member of MDRT for nearly 50 years and President in 1998. This is great stuff and I appreciate receiving any and all ideas you can send me."

Gene Mahn, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
1998 MDRT President